The Homefree Gift Card

The Homefree Gift Card

The Homefree Gift Card

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The lifetime membership that gives you a concierge-level home improvement experience: text 1 number for an agent who sources, negotiates, and manages the work for all your home projects.

We'll refund 100% of your membership money back if:

  • You don't save at least $150 within your first 3 Homefree projects
  • You don't get every quote scheduled within 3 days

There's zero risk to giving Homefree a shot.


From our customers


I've used Homefree for several home improvement projects, and they've been consistently great! The pros they connected me with for the fence installation, drywall repair, and porch staining were all skilled and professional.

Matt B.
Stowe, VT

I can't say enough good things about Homefree! They've been an absolute game-changer for all my home improvement needs. From recurring landscaping to spring clean-ups, roof repairs, and electrical work, they've been on top of it all. The pros in their network are consistently top-notch, and I'm always impressed with their expertise.

Diana S.
Allston, MA

I needed the work done quickly and they sent me the best pros for the job who were extremely affordable. They handled the deck removal and repair, exterior and interior painting, and tub reglazing efficiently and professionally. The team was responsive and kept me informed throughout the process.

Ben C.
Denver, CO

My gutters were clogged with debris and Homefree sent me the best gutter cleaning pros to get them cleaned out efficiently, leaving them spotless. They're also helping me get quotes for other projects like window replacement, tree removal, concrete floor repairs, etc.

Steven P.
Orange, NJ

Get It Done Guarantee™

We promise you’ll get every project you want done, as quickly as you want it done. Or you get 100% of your money back. 

Your next finished project is 1 text away

Alexis' kitchen redesign

$10,500 under budget

Andrea's new accent wall

Installed 3 days after first text

Jake's stairway railing repair

Completed in 1 week

Sean's bathroom update

$1,500 under budget

Sarah's EV charger install

Electrician secured in 24 hours

Luna's entry stairway rehab

$750 under budget

What can you use Homefree for?

Big Projects

From room over garage additions, to kitchen renovations, to bathroom remodels.

Small Fixes

From painting walls, to upgrading landscaping , to installing light fixtures.

Urgent Projects

From leaking roofs, burst pipes, to electrical problems.


Regardless of the home project, we only accept pros that have an average rating of 4.7 stars or higher on online review platforms. We share all review data with you before quotes, and, when your'e deciding between several of our pros, we'll give our opinion on who will best meet your needs.

Homefree is a lifetime membership that more than pays for itself. For just $149, you get lifetime access to our text concierge service for every home project you want to do.

We send our pro partners a lot of business, and they love working with us. So when we ask for better prices for our members, they deliver! It's like having the buying power of hundreds of other homeowners behind you.

Our members' most common feedback is that they were tired of the inconsistent communication they experienced while dealing directly with multiple home contractors. With Homefree you get a dedicated home improvement consultant who you know by name, and they are there in minutes when you text them. You'll never have to set reminders to followup, wonder about the status of things, or get ghosted by a contractor again!

We're so confident that you'll be blown away by Homefree, that we'll refund 100% of your membership money back if:

  • You don't save at least $150 within your first 3 Homefree projects
  • You don't get every quote scheduled within 3 days

There's zero risk joining as a member and tackling your first project.